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  • Your small purchases become big

    Using the Joint Purchase system your corporate purchases will be added to many others, enlarging the negotiation bulk and therefore the purchase power, making the prices decrease due to scale.

  • Make big sales at once

    Your company will expand its market share as Scabu gather and organize a large number of Purchase Orders which would be difficult to get and manage through conventional ways

  • Get access to a large number of suppliers

    Scabu is constantly prospecting, updating and qualifying its supplier database, because it is part of its core business. Your company will be able to keep its focus in what really matters.

  • Reach a large number of businesses

    Scabu has thousands of segmented businesses by consumption needs and it is constantly organizing purchase joint corporate processes, with a large number of Purchase Orders

  • Don't worry about the negotiation process

    Scabu's team has the know-how and tools to gather purchase intentions like yours, to create and manage reverse auctions, select suppliers and even issue Supply Orders

  • Unify the negotiation

    Scabu staff has expertise and tools to create and manage sessions so that the contest is honest and transparent to suppliers.

  • Get the best deal

    The increasing of purchase bulk through Joint Purchases and the usage of our Electronic Auction System result in better prices and conditions for your essential raw materials purchases in addition to offering security in transactions.

  • Get the best deal

    Scabu offer tools for the Purchase Orders management, endorses buyers, help in the logistic and financial processes enabling the supplier to get the best group deal


Cases of Success

  • tv

    Economy generated: 20 %


     Reference Price: $ 1.500,00

     Accessed Price: $ 1.200,00

    Quantity: 150

    Adjustable spray nozzle type


    Economy generated: 58 %


     Reference Price: $ 2.035,80

     Accessed Price: $ 860,00

    Quantity: 80

  • Electric Winch 4-ton capacity


    Economy generated: 58 %


     Reference Price: $ 4.300,00

     Accessed Price: $ 1.800,00

    Quantity: 30

    Bar LED Signaling


    Economy generated: 54 %


     Reference Price: $ 2.300,00

     Accessed Price: $ 1.050,00

    Quantity: 1.100

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